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The AMAPS family of manufacturing systems - AMAPS/Q, AMAPS/3000 and AMAPS/G - has long been recognized as one of the world's premier MRPII systems. Software Sources is an AAA (Authorized AMAPS Affiliate) partner of Xantel and has been involved with the AMAPS family since 1979, performing installations, training, customizations and upgrades.

Now available as AMAPS+PLUS, it combines the most advanced, multi-tier, multi-platform architecture and extended user functionality with this proven reliability. AMAPS+PLUS goes beyond current client/server technology.

AMAPS+PLUS allows you to choose the best computing platforms, operating systems and database managers that fit your system development needs. This advanced technology also provides transparent integration of AMAPS with your other systems. Software Sources will work with you to install and tailor AMAPS+PLUS to your environments.

For information regarding our AMAPS and AMAPS+PLUS services, contact us at 1-800-886-0199 or complete our Request for Information form on our website.  For additional product information about AMAPS or AMAPS+PLUS, you can contact Xantel by telephone at 651-681-0750 or via email at Marketing @ AMAPSPLUS.





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