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Software Sources provides a variety of services to a diverse customer base comprised mainly of large distribution and manufacturing firms. Many clients utilize our comprehensive Priority Support Plus Program which provides an umbrella of services including Hot-Line Support, Problem Resolution, System Modifications and Integration, Training and Education, Consulting, Legacy Systems Enrichment, Downsizing and Cut Over, Readiness Assessment, Transition Management and Process Reengineering.

Following is a brief overview of our services:

Hot Line Support Our Priority Services Plus Program begins with a visit from one of our senior staff members to review the installation, gather pertinent information regarding the client's environment, and electronically connect the site to one or more of our support locations and resource centers. The gathered information is then entered into our central support computer, and each time a client calls with a problem, question, or request for services, the client profile is updated. We systematically resolve the issue or provide the requested service, and at the end of each quarter issue a summary of usage which includes problems and respective solutions. Standard hours for our Hot Line are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (EST). 7x24 coverage is also available under Priority Services Plus 7X24. [Top]

Problem Resolution If a client encounters bugs or problems within its packaged or in-house code, our technical staff takes appropriate corrective measures, and, via remote communications, provides the corrective code fix or procedure correction. [Top]

System Modifications and Integration We initiate all modification and integration tasks by conducting a thorough analysis of the requested project. When the Analysis Phase is complete, we provide our clients with a fixed estimate for the entire scope, showing the high/low range of person-days and cost. We will not exceed the estimate unless the increase is due to a documented, client-requested change in scope. [Top]

Training and Education We offer a full curricula of financial, distribution and manufacturing industry education covering the concepts, principles, and understanding of core competencies and strategies needed by today's businesses. Courses address audiences from top management to IS and applications professionals to staff employees in manufacturing, distribution and finance. Our instructors and consultants have unsurpassed knowledge of major mainframe systems as well as extensive practical experience and numerous successful system implementations. [Top]

Consulting Our systems and business operations consulting staff has been working with mainframe users since the early 1980's. Their expertise includes in-depth ERP consulting and implementation work covering a wide breadth of industries and businesses. Our consulting approach encompasses top management issues, business and production operations management, and shop floor activities performance improvements. Our approach begins with conducting business operations and systems effectiveness assessments and includes systems and process enhancements and implementations including "Class A" certification if desired. [Top]

Legacy Systems Enrichment We recognize that many legacy systems are basically sound and provide considerable value to the enterprise. However, to keep up with changing technologies, these systems need to be upgraded. We accomplish this via converting their greens screen to GUI’s and their databases to relational/ODBC-compliant versions (e.g., Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL, DB2, Access, etc.) as well as permitting them to operate natively on open platforms (e.g., Unix, Linux, NT, etc.) and web-enabling them. The end product is a system which functionally mimics the original, yet is natively state-of-the-art. This strategy can dramatically reduce our client’s IS budget while enabling these systems to seamlessly integrate into their global systems strategy. Our staff, in conjunction with its many business partners, offers numerous products and expertise to help clients recognize and achieve the enormous potential of their existing legacy systems. [Top]

Downsizing and Cut Over Many businesses have consolidated and/or downsized. These companies have discovered that achieving the expected cost savings without diminishing services to the organization and its customers is a daunting task. We have (literally) written the book on this subject. In addition, we have extensive experience helping clients to transition to new software, insuring that all the critical goals be met. [Top]

Business Operations and Systems Effectiveness Assessments & Readiness Assessment We support the premise that gaining expected benefits from system enhancements and new system implementations must begin with a plan based on a thorough understanding of the client's existing business operations and systems effectiveness. Our consultants bring unsurpassed experience and objectivity to on-site assessments that are the foundation for successful new systems projects and improved operations performance. [Top]

Transition Management We assign a senior member of our staff to each project, assuring that each client receives executive level attention and consulting help. Drawing upon years of project management experience, our staff helps the client select and organize its project team, fill technical roles as-needed, develop the project plans, and provide guidance and coaching to the team for the duration of the project through its successful conclusion. [Top]

Process Reengineering Virtually all businesses today are seeking ways to improve the delivery of its services and streamline processes. We believe that the critical mission of this undertaking is to empower the employees. Most high-end new systems are designed to interrelate procedures and processes and consolidate organizational information by providing its users with rapid and ready access to the information they need. In addition, these goals can often be met by enriching sound legacy systems while minimizing disruption to the company and potentially saving $millions. [Top]

To find out more about any of our services, please contact us at 1-800-886-0199 or complete our Request for Information form on our website.



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