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PUBLISH DATE: March 7, 2000

(S3i) (SOFTWARE SOURCES) Strategic Infrastructure Assurance Program

HINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Y2K saga has underscored the total reliance that companies have on information systems and infrastructure, and left many companies struggling with the challenges and potential dangers of introducing new business improvement technologies - from ERP to eCommerce, and beyond. To help companies meet these challenges, Software Sources and S3i have teamed to create a Strategic Information Assurance Program ("SIAP") that guides company executives through the critical issues to help meet these challenges and insure that their choices avert threats to their Strategic Business Units.

Utilizing Enterprizer™, an innovative system for enterprise development and optimization, SIAP enables timely assessment of strategic options that impact corporate information infrastructures, and generates optimized prescriptions for implementation. Bill Carpenter, the former General Manager of Rolls Royce IRD states, "I have seen the software develop into a sophisticated system, which captures company wisdom and uses that wisdom to inform sophisticated decision making processes." John F Harvey, Senior Analyst, Washington DC, states “ …a strong bonus of the model is its ability to go beyond the capture of the planner's analysis, to develop the data in different ways and to effectively present the results of the analysis to "deciders", those of higher authority to approve or reject results.”

To find our more about SIAP and its benefits, we invite you to call 800-886-0199, or complete our Request for Information form on our site.



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